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Chemical Rock
The Definitive Sid-8580 collection,
by Paul Kubiszyn.

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Our Music (StudioX64 produced music downloads)

StudioX64 Tune Downloads - (Last updated 15th Sept 2003)

Friday never ends.MP3(03:51 min - 4.60 meg)
Back In Trance.MP3(06:00 min - 5.08 meg)
Chemical Rock.MP3(03:22 min - 3.08 meg)
Satellites.MP3(03:34 min - 4.09 meg)
The Howling.ZIPImpulse Tracker file (Plays with Modplug Tracker)
Turning Point.ZIPImpulse Tracker file (Plays with Modplug Tracker)

StudioX64 / XLCUS C64 Sid Tune Downloads - (Last updated 1st March 2001)

Sid Collection 1.ZIPPC Zip file (use Winzip / Pkunzip)