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Chemical Rock
The Definitive Sid-8580 collection,
by Paul Kubiszyn.

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latest scene news
MorphitZ (StudioX64 work in progress game)

** UPDATE 27th January 2003 **

MorphitZ has currently been placed on hold. Work may continue on the game later in the year. We will keep you posted.

MorphitZ is our current work in progress game project. The game falls into the classic arcade type puzzler genre, featuring a staggering 100 levels across 10 unique zones. Currently production is now into it's 3rd month (23-12-2001) and the game is really beginning to take shape. Below are a selection of screen shots taken from just a few of the many levels, click on the small images to display full size.

There are currently no downloads for MorphitZ on this site, a demo version will however come with time. MorphitZ hopes to be StudioX64's first fully commercial video game release.

The ice world (looking cool)

The grasslands (little empty at present)

The aztec ruins (also a bit plain at present)

The MorphitZ level editor