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Chemical Rock
The Definitive Sid-8580 collection,
by Paul Kubiszyn.

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latest scene news
XScape - An iPhone / iPad / Apple TV game remake of the Commodore 64 classic Square Scape 2
XScape - An iPhone / iPad / Apple TV game remake of the Commodore 64 classic Square Scape 2

Chemical Rock (our studio recorded C64 Sid album)

StudioX64 are very proud to present "The Definitive Sid-8580 Collection" by Paul Kubiszyn. This CD features 72 minutes, and 26 tracks of "classic" SiD tunes composed by the 6581/8580 master Paul Kubiszyn (of XLCUS fame). It spans the whole reign of XLCUS from 1994-1997, featuring the best of the best from our old C64 demos, games, intros and dentros. For the first time ever, hear how the tunes were actually MEANT to sound on the CORRECT C64, as I the composer intended them to. Chemical Rock has been studio recorded using the latest digital equipment, from my original Commodore C64 computer, and sounds absolutely fantastic. Don't take my word for it though, just go ahead and order it! - In case you are wondering... We are positive for the price, you can not purchase more C64 audio nostalgia than this! - Who knows some of these tunes may even make it into our charts one day.

Track Listing

01 Moody Tuesday 14 A New Beginning
02 Winter's Snow 15 Dimension X
03 Industrious 16 Bubble Rock
04 Quadro Pop 17 One Final Time
05 Christmas Time Again 18 Paper Chains
06 Break It Down 19 Forget Your Troubles (Leave Them All Behind)
07 Chemical Rock (Download) 20 Fatal Intentions
08 Living On Feeling 21 In Search Of Love
09 Happy Sundays 22 Summers Day
10 Never Fear 23 Popmatic Rock
11 Logicality 24 Feeling Lonely Tonight
12 Who Is Who? 25 Irrational Anthem
13 The Mastermind 26 Dance Mania (Stereo Remix)


Ordering Information

You can now download the full Chemical Rock album entirely for free. Simply follow the link below:

Download Chemical Rock free

For International orders, please email: We accept Paypal on request, and will deliver overseas at cost price.