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Chemical Rock
The Definitive Sid-8580 collection,
by Paul Kubiszyn.

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latest scene news
Back In Time Live (c64 musicians re-union party in Birmingham)

Wednesday 16th May 2001

For the benifit of those not "in the know", Back In Time Live was a fantastic C64 club night, organised by The event was held in one of Birminghams best nightclubs, ClubDNA. Anyone who was anyone was in attendance, and helped to make it a retro night to remember. I got to meet all of my C64 hero's and handed out a large number of StudioX64 Chemical Rock promotional cd's. Below are some of the better quality pictures which I took during the night. For more information and dates on further Back In Time Live's, please visit the official homepage

The official event flyer

Vikki (my other half) and friend Adam,
in the car and ready for the off!

Club DNA brochure

The VIP ticket which I shall
cherish forever

(L-R) "Dodgy Bob", ME (Paul K),
and Adam (aka Superman)

(L-R) James Burrows (Gamebase 64),
Ben Daglish, John (Gamebase 64)

(L-R) Ben Daglish and the
mighty Kenz

(L-R) "Dodgy Bob", and Tony Crowther

The VIP lounge
(full of famous people and ME!)

Matthew Allen, Jeff Minter,
Mort ( and others

Me (Paul K) wearing the
shirt I made for the night

Myself and "Dodgy Bob"

Vikki (my other half) and
Me (who else!)

The guys from
"Press Play On Tape"

Puffy64, Richard Joseph,
Ben Daglish hounded by the press

The mighty Peter Sandén
on far left (

Various people enjoying themselves
(bet you wish you came now!)

The VIP lounge by night!

Wayne Womersley and
friend Paul (from Art Ravers)

(L-R) Adam, me, and "Dodgy Bob"

C64, On the dance floor

More crazed dancers

Looks like someone had
a little too much to drink!

Various people in pain :)

Zonk and Tischer (PPOT)
do their best "Air on a G String"

Wayne Womersley does his
air guitar

Back to our home town,
end of a great 2 days.